Hello, Internet.

My history of having a sports opinion is long and storied.
The events that lead to me having a blog, however, are not. I was watching the Cowboys-Giants 2013 Regular Season opener, and fifteen posts on Facebook about one game later, I had an epiphany – I am too opinionated about too many different teams across too many different sports for one social media. So ta-da! You’re welcome, sports fans.

Being a Dallas native, I support the Cowboys, Rangers and Mavericks, in order of passion for the sport. I used to be an A&M fan, but if you’ve made it this far, I shouldn’t have to explain why I cheer for the Longhorns now, but my ultimate allegiance follows my wallet, to Oklahoma State University, and the Cowboys. Which means, obviously, I have to know what those awful people down in Norman are up to on Saturdays, and since it’s my day off, I usually watch the Baylor & TCU games too.

Go Pokes!


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